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Road - Snow Removal
Commercial Snow Removal Services for:
      •  Corporate and Government Offices
      •  Retail Stores and Restaurants
      •  Any Small Business

Avoid Backbreaking Labor

when You Choose Our Snow Removal Services

Prevent accidents from happening when you choose our professional snow removal services in Palmer or Wasilla, Alaska. White Knight Services offers snow removal services for parking lots, as well as driveways and roadways in front of your home. We also provide sanding services to prevent dangerous conditions. Additionally, our company is bonded and insured. Call us for further information about our services.
Snow Plowing
Our snow plow drivers remove snow from all commercial and residential properties of all sizes. With the snow we receive in Alaska, you can relax knowing we only use heavy-duty trucks and loaders to get rid of snow. With our services you will not have to worry about whether or not you will be able to pull into your own drive way or park your car in the parking lot at work.

Sanding & Ice Melt Services
After we have plowed away all of the snow, we lay down sand. Sanding is known to minimize liability when it comes to someone slipping or falling in the parking lot or walkway to your business. After we remove snow from the parking lots, we will scrape and shovel snow off walkways. Once that's complete we will lay down ice-melt on all walkways that lead to your business.

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for more details about what our snow removal services entail.